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Nissin Air Commander for Canon


Nissin Di700 Air and Air Commander: new wireless flash system on the way? Flash-maker Nissin is thought to be working on a flash called the Di700 Air and a device called the Air Commander. The Di700 Air will be based on the Di700, a top-of-the-line flashgun with a full-colour screen. According to Photo Rumors, the Air Commander will be for Nikon, Canon and Sony camera systems, with the Di700A and Commander available individually or in kits. The manufacturer has posted a product page for the Di700 Air but at the time of writing it is just a facsimile of the original Di700 description. The Di700 already has full optical master and slave capabilities for the various camera systems it supports. Our best guess, therefore, would be that the Di700 Air is a radio-enabled flash and the Air Commander is a camera-top transceiver like the YN560-TX or the Phottix Odin II TCU that allows the photographer to adjust several groups of remote flashes quickly.

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