Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible with Speed Mount

A range of accessories that make the output from a portable flash gun more flattering to subjects.Gary Fong is a former wedding photographer who developed a suite of highly successful lighting accessories, some of which have become ‘must have’ tools for wedding photographers.

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The LightSphere Collapsible comes in three parts. The main body is a 120 mm diameter double cylinder made from soft vinyl, which fits over the head of the flash unit. Sizing ribs inside the cylinder provide a tight fit for different sized flashes. When you unpack it, the LightSphere Collapsible is folded down and less than 40 mm high, which makes it easy to pack in a camera bag. The outer layer folds out to produce a diffusion head 70 mm tall. Into this head you can fit one of a number of diffusion domes.