Godox TT685C Thinklite TTL Flash for Canon Cameras


The AA battery-powered  TT685 flash features a variety of advanced flash modes such as TTL, Manual, HSS (high-speed sync), and Wireless TTL; giving you plenty of creative & practical options on how you want to use your light. In addition, the TT685 features the built-in Godox X-triggering system, plenty of light output, and quick recycle time.

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The Godox TT685C Thinklite TTL Camera Speedlite Flash is a powerful and portable device that makes shooting so much joyful, as it creates even illumination. Designed to mount on Canon EOS series cameras and also supports Canon E-TTL / E-TL II. The Godox TT685C Thinklite TTL Flash features a powerful High-Speed Sync of 1/8000s, with a flash coverage of 20 to 200mm; a built-in 2.4G wireless transmission with all-in-one functions and a 100m working range. The device allows you to make use of the Master & Slave Flash which either allows you to trigger Canon speedlites such as the 600EX-RT, 580EX II in TTL or Manual mode, or to receive signals of Canon speedlites and wireless commanders of pop-up flash on your Canon 7D, 60D or 600D cameras. Additionally, the speedlite features a dot-matrix LCD panel that offers convenient operation such as changing settings to suit your workflow.

  • Built-In 2.4GHz X Wireless Radio System
  • Compatible with Canon E-TTL / E-TTL II
  • Guide Number: 60 m at ISO 100 and 200mm
  • Zoom Range: 20-200mm (14mm with Panel)
  • Tilts from -7 to 90
  • Rotates Left & Right 180
  • Wireless Master/Slave TTL Functionality
  • Recycle Time: 0.1-2.6 Seconds
  • High-Speed, 1st & 2nd Curtain Sync
  • Runs on Four AA Batteries
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