Godox AD600BM Witstro Manual All-In-One Outdoor Flash

Godox AD600BM Witstro Manual All-In-One Outdoor Flash.

Godox Witstro AD600BM AD sync 1 / 8000s 2.4G wireless Flash Light Speedlite Bowens Mount

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AD600BM Outdoor Flash support, strong power, lithium batteries and integrated fuselage, lightweight and portable built-in godox 2.4G wireless X systems, optical transmission & 2.4G wireless transmission, stable output, light control Bowens mount, accessories complete, lightweight and portable, use AD600BM flash, you will get more simple shooting experience Under the complex changing of light , it can automatically obtain accurate flash exposure, shoot ease package includes: 1X Godox witstro AD600BM flash light; 1X lamp buld; 1X Power cable; 1X Charger; 1X lithium battery Specifications: Model: AD600BM Wireless slave mode: 1, radio mode (compatible NIKON & Canon) 2, optical wireless (compatible NIKON & Canon) Flash modes: wireless off M / Multi Radio Slave mode M / Multi Wireless optical slave mode M / Multi Radio slave unit is compatible with the camera: Nikon cameras M / RPT flash (master unit X1N etc.) Canon Camera M / Multi Flash (master unit X1C etc.) t flash index (1/1 position): 87 (m ISO 100, using a standard reflector) Flash Duration: 1 / 220s-1 / 10000s POWER: 600W Stalls: 9: 1/256 ~ 1/1 Strobe flash: with (100 times; frequency: 100) Flash exposure compensation (FEC): manual, flash exposure bracketing; files between + -3 1/3 stop increments regulator Synchronization: high-speed sync (up to 1 / 8000s) Delay lead flashing: 0.01 ~ 30s Model modeling lamp (LED): 10W Light control lead flashing: S1 / S2 Show flash duration: YES Display: dot-matrix screen Wireless flash (2.4G optical transmission & radio transmission) Wireless function: slave unit, closed You can control the slave unit Group: Optical: 3 Group A / B / C 2.4G: 5 group A / B / C / D / E Transmission range (approx.): Optical: Indoor: 12-15 meters feet /39.4~49.2 Outdoor: 8-10 m /26.2-32.8 feet 2.4G: 80m Channel: Optical: 4 Group 1/2/3/4;2.4G: 32 Group: 1-32 Power: Lithium battery (11.1V / 8700mAh) Full power flashes: 500 times Power return time: about 0.01 to 2.5 seconds Battery level indicator: YES Energy: flash 1 hour unmanned operation will automatically turn off the power Synchronous trigger mode: 3.5mm sync cable, wireless control socket Color temperature: 5600 + -200K Size: Volume (including battery, excluding lamps and reflectors): 220 * 245 * 125mm Weight (with battery, without lamps and reflectors): 2.66KG Package Included: 1 x Godox AD600 All-in-One Outdoor Flash 1 x Flash Tube 1 x Lithium Battery 1 x Charger Adapter 1 x Power Cable 1 x User Manual Note: Not TTL,Reflector is not included