Marumi 52mm ND8 Filter

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52 mm Marumi ND8 52 mm Marumi Neutral Density 8 (ND8). This filter has the same percentage light transmittance as the Tiffen 0.9 (optical density) neutral density filter. A ND8 filter cuts all light by 87.5%. This forces the Hero3 to slow its shutter speed. An ND filter is often used to reduce or eliminate prop blur for general aviation videography and minimize the “jello effect” experienced in some radio controlled applications. Consider using this filter if you are filming the following sports: High vibration motorsports Multi-rotor RC General aviation SRP Tip: If you are experiencing one of the undesirable effects of rolling shutter like prop blur or the jello effect then consider having multiple ND filters with you during filming. The ND filter choice you make will be based on the severity of the vibration experienced by the camera and lighting conditions present at the time of filming. For instance, if I fly my quadcopter late in the evening I don’t put any filters on my Hero3. If I did this in the middle of the day on a cloudless bright sunny day, I would see lots of jello in my video — so I use an ND0.9. If conditions are some where in between, I’l use an ND0.6.